Flagship Emperor instruments

The Teye ‘Emperor™’ guitars: models La India™, La Mora™, La Canastera™, La Azteca™, La Perla™, Knights Templar™, and Konstantinopolis™

The Emperor, or Super-E-series, are our flagship guitars. With full original mosaics, fully engraved metal plates, Teye-Master-series knobs and tuner buttons, Lollar pick-ups and the full new Teye-electronics including the MOJO Analog Spectrum Modeller circuit, they represent Teye’s un-compromised vision of his Electric Gypsy guitar.

  • A splendidly engraved rear plate is included, with the customer’s choice of available motifs.


‘La India':

The guitar that put Teye on the map in 2006: gorgeously engraved aluminum front surrounded by a turquoise pattern hand-inlaid mosaic. The Emperor guitars (Super-E series) all have a re-designed body construction, re-designed graphics, and Teye’s Master series volume knobs, switch tip and tuner buttons.



‘La Mora':

Teye’s famous ‘La Mora’ this time with luscious new graphics, of course the New Electronics including the MOJO-control, and Master series buttons. And with a new inlay pattern into the ebony mosaic.



In this video, Teye demonstrates the ‘La Mora’ guitar in 3-pickup version:

‘La Azteca':

The Azteca is a luxury version of the La India. Teye re-did the gorgeous Azteca graphics and the result is as you can see here:



In this video, Teye demonstrates the ‘La Azteca’ guitar:

‘La Canastera':

The new Emperor, or Super-E series ‘La Canastera’ has been modeled after a Master series guitar Teye made two years ago: the ‘Ramzes’ guitar. The one pictured here has the optional Touareg fingerboard inlay…



‘La Perla':

Emperor series ‘La Perla’. What more is there to say?

The first one goes to … Cliff Williams of AC/DC: Teye used a glorious batch of white MOP to do the center mosaic, and equipped the guitar with optional Touareg fingerboard:


Here a 3-p/u Perla that Teye did in superb amber Mother-of-Pearl:



here a picture of Cliff with Teye and his family backstage at AC/DC’s show in Sevilla:


‘Knights Templar':

Emperorversion of Teye’s ‘Knights Templar’ guitar. See the Master version, and read about Teye’s motivation to build this guitar, HERE.

Enormous blocks of pure white Mother of Pearl, with the unique Templar’s cross inlaid in synthetic coral, this guitar makes for a very bold statement. Rear engraving features the Seal of the Templars, and the original name of the order: Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici (‘Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon’)

Pictured here in Left-Handed:


and in 3-pickup:







and finally in Emperor version: the infamous Teye ‘Konstantinopolis’ guitar. (see the Master version HERE)

This is Teye’s personal favorite of all Electric Gypsy models. For a long time, the only way to get one was to purchase the Master guitar from Teye. Finally, here she is in Emperor version.



And here the rear plates that you can choose from:

EGG-DragonRR EGG-rear-Azteca EGG-Rear-CleoandtheLion KT-rear-siteEGG-Rear-La-z-babeK-Rear-sm



  • Body wood: select Korina with Maple partial caps
  • Neck wood: select Korina
  • Fingerboard: bound Ebony with Bedouin™ fingerboard inlay
  • Scale length: 25.5”
  • Nut width: 1.75”
  • Aluminum plates: Acid etched, Teye’s A-series styled artwork
  • Bridge: proprietary Teye SuperSustain™-bridge
  • Tailpiece: proprietary Teye SuperSustain™-tailpiece
  • Tuners: Grover Super Rotomatic with Teye’s proprietary Master-series buttons
  • Pick-ups: 2 or 3 Custom-wound Jason Lollar (3rd pickup is $ 195 extra)
  • Electronics: Teye’s New Electronics: 2x Volume; Master Tone; Master MOJO™
  • Control knobs: proprietary Teye Master-series knobs and switch tip
  • Finish: Teye’s hand-rubbed Luthier’s oil finish with Shipwreck®
  • Case: choice of SKB iSeries ‘gun’ case or SKB ‘Les Paul’ style case. Cedar  Creek case option available. See cases here