We are lucky to be part of such a knowledgeable and dedicated team, working on what we consider to be the best electric guitars and basses around today. We all feel like family and enjoy hanging out socially after work.

Kelli, Seth, Sean, Andrew, Sam, Ashley, Paul, Belen, Chorla, Evert, Teye


Teye designs all models, electronics, sounds and art.

He builds and hand-engraves the Masters, and plays ’em too.

Currently a documentary film is being made about his very unorthodox life.

And the Dremel company has featured Teye in a beautiful clip in Sevilla


Evert Wilbrink

Runs the Business side of things; promotional wizzard and organization luminary

Sometimes helps out in the shop

Evert has been passionately promoting music since 1966, was responsible for Blondie’s first #1 hit and has rock’n’roll stories till dawn, at least


The above Dynamic Duo are our directors. And then we have:

Our 3rd Director

Kelli Wilson

The  absolute Director of the new workshop and the magical finish lady: Kelli is our official ‘Shipwreck Queen’

The guitars and the guys all know: you don’t mess with Kelli!



Ashley Townsend

Nick-named ‘The Firecracker’, she is the person who gets things done.

She is currently working with us in a multi-functional role.


Andrew Caldwell

CNC genius We’re thrilled to have Andrew on the team! Photo here soon



Sean Paden

A true Magician. Sean brings atotal new level of knowledge to the shop and is a dream to work with. Photos soon.


Seth Williams

Already nick-named ‘The Sponge’, he absorbs the unique knowledge required to work on these very complicated guitars

(a former employee jokingly complained that they are the Rubik Cubes of electric guitars) without a problem.  We are lucky to have him.



Samuel Simpson

Ex Gibson Custom Shop.

A Golden Find. He combines half a century of experience with a burning passion for our instruments.




Belen Oliva

Engraves, and stands by Teye in everything.

Here at work in her studio in Sevilla. Plays drums and flamenco-dances


Jose Antonio Gonzales “Chorla”


Long-time friend of Teye, and very talented musician, Chorla heads the highly successful Duende Percusion company that are famous for their flamenco cajons.

He is excited about putting his studies at the Sevilla Acdademy of Bellas Artes, as well as his metalwork training to inspired use.