Soundsheet for the new MOJO™ circuitry


To read about Teye’s circuitry, click HERE

Teye’s famous MOJO™ control in action

Teye’s band ‘the Barbarians of Sevilla’ in an unfinished recording

Teye plays all four guitars on the same Super Coyote® guitar into the same amp (a prototype Teye-amp) with the same amp and channel settings and the same mic. In other words: the only changes between sounds were done on the guitar…




To read about Teye’s circuitry, click HERE

MOJO™ versus Mood™ circuit

VIDEO demo clips




More VIDEOS for your pleasure

Teye on Andalusian TV

Teye’s band in Spain ‘Rattlesnake':

Teye’s band ‘Barbarians of Sevilla’ performing at the Dallas International Guitar show


Teye’s band wailing on the big 1970’s Ampegs