How to tell if you can safely buy a Teye-guitar.

During the years 2013, 2014, and (January of) 2015, a good many ‘Teye’guitars have been made that I was not involved in. A group of venture capitalist investors came in to rescue my company, but before long they had taken over and I was out in the street. They proceeded to build hundreds of guitars that had ‘Teye’on the headstock, but started to make them in great hurry, and started to veer off of my specs. I’ve actually seen some wild examples.

I started re-designing, and was able to get it all back in early 2015. I installed a new protocol for the serial number. Which now sits on a thin metal tag that is screwed into the side of the guitar, right below the control knobs. If you wish to buy a guitar that has this serial number, you can do so without problem. I started applying these serial number batches in early 2015. Any guitar that does not have one is a used guitar, or perhaps one that wasn’t built to my specs.

If the guitar has a different style of serial number, contact me and I can give you background information on that guitar. At which point you can always decide to buy it or not. Don’t let anybody tell you things. There are some unscrupulous people about that want to pass these guitars off as ‘real Teyes’with certificate of authenticity (which is meaningless as they had me sign many hundreds of COA’s before I was let go)

When you buy from one of our authorized dealers, you are also on safe ground. But… not everybody who claims to be our dealer, also IS our dealer… Please check the LIST


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