The Teye Electric Gypsy Model

From the simple one-pickup “La Pirata” to the most elaborately inlaid and hand-engraved Master guitars, these are all incredibly well USA-made guitars with a versatility that has to be heard to be believed.

The list of features that distinguishes these guitars is long, every feature has its own reason. Many players never gave these issues a second thought, but yes they all make sense, and make the Teye what it is.

You can choose from a great variety within this model.

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Fox     SuperCoyote

Apache    El-Toro     Cleopatra

La-Pirata-Dis    Pistolero-dis

La-India    La-Mora    La-Canastera    La-Azteca    La-Perla-2    La-Perla    KnightsTemplar    Mas-bod-sm

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And then the Hand-Engraved Teye Master Guitars



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